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Marketing Supplies & Resources


Marketing Tips & Suggestions

Marketing your CHIP program will be one of the most important things you can do to assure success. Look through these pages and decide how you want to begin your marketing campaign. Also included is a new PDF Tool for your Information Session.

We have prepared a number of "Do-It-Yourself" templates which will help you get started. Our team is here to help you. Learn more about effectively marketing your CHIP Program. Decide which marketing ideas you would like to use in your CHIP program and then download the appropriate items to begin working on them. Suggestions and samples are provided to guide you in the process.

This is a "work in progress" and we appreciate your suggestions to make this page even more useful and effective. For questions or more information, call Darryl Ludington at 909-283-6004 (USA).


CHIP Information Session PDF Tool with Videos

The videos and information in this interactive PDF tool makes it easy to provide a compelling overview of CHIP and motivate attendees to register for the program at your CHIP Information Sessions. After downloading, just open the document on your computer then click on any indexed item on the right to view that component. Contains all the videos and presentation illustrations needed for your Information Session. (Requires the most recent versions of Adobe Reader and Flash Player.)

CHIP Information Session PDF Tool (version 13)
Right-click on link above and select "Save Link As" (Mac users control-click)

A Guide to Running a CHIP Information Session (PDF file)

To download these PDF files, just right-click (control-click on Macs) and select "Download Link As" (if using Internet Explorer browser "Download Target As"), and then choose your download location (i.e. your CHIP videos folder). Then double click on the downloaded file to run it. 

Mac users need to make sure that the InfoSession PDF Tool is opened by Acrobat Reader DC and not the default "Preview" app. Control-Click the downloaded InfoSession PDF Tool and then select "Open With" > Acrobat Reader.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You must use Adobe Reader DC and the desktop version of Adobe Flast Player in order for this PDF Tool to work. Here are the updated Adobe Reader and Adobe Flash Player update links required to use the InfoSession PDF Tool (above) as well as for the "Do-It-Yourself" marketing resources:

PDF ADOBE READER (latest version DC) - install first (Uncheck any add-ons offered before downloading)

ADOBE FLASH PLAYER (latest version) - install after updating Adobe Reader DC. If you are using Windows 10 on a PC, and the videos don't play, following these additional steps:
  • Go to:   
  • on the bottom left side of that page click on: "Need Flash Player for a different computer?" 
  • STEP 1: "Select an operating system" (Windows 10/Wndows 8)    
  • STEP 2: "Select a version"  (FP 28 for Firefox - NPAPI)    
  • Uncheck "Optional offers" (middle section))    
  • Click on "Download now"  button  
  • Download to computer and then install the ".exe" file
  • OPTIONAL: [Just click on this link for the direct download now, download and install]  

OPTIONAL POWERPOINT FORMAT: If you are having trouble with the Information Session PDF Tool (above), or would prefer to use these same materials in Microsoft PowerPoint format, click here.

E-mail and Flyer artwork with CHIP messages

Pinterest setHere is a great resource for artwork with a message. Include in emails, flyers, and promotional pieces to get the message across. Click here to check it out now! (You must sign up for a free Pinterest account to download and use pictures).




Other Marketing Resources . . .



International formats and sizes


USA formats and sizes

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