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CHIP Assistant Software

PC computers only (or Macs running PC boot or virtual platforms)

The CHIP Assistant software was developed to help facilitators organize participant information recorded at HealthScreens #1 & #2 as well as record participant bio-data, personal and lifestyle preference information. This information then can be printed in organized reports, both for the individual, and for the entire class, showing changes and improvements from beginning to end.

If the Access ID Code (location code) for CHIP Assistant has already been issued to you, just click the download button below, install and then apply when asked. If you haven't been issued an Access ID Code, please call the LMI office to get one, at: 909-796-7676. Or, e-mail your request to: office@chiphealth.com

For users in Australia, or New Zealand, please contact the following directly for your location codes:

AUSTRALIA: Eleen Stohr, ph# 02 4348 7777 or  Freecall  1800 673 392, info@chiphealth.org.au (9a-5p);
NEW ZEALAND (Auckland 2145): Verity Dixon, ph# +64 9 250 2748, VerityDixon@adventist.org.nz (9a-3p)


CHIP Assistant software package     Download button

Click the download button above to begin the download. The download may take a few minutes (large file). After downloading, double-click the file (CHIPAssistant_2013.exe) and the software will self-install. After installation, you will see an icon on your desktop for CHIP Assistant. The program can also be run by selecting Start > All Programs > CHIP Assistant. The support files are located on your computer local disk "C: Drive/APPS/CHIP Assistant" and include the following user files which should be printed out. (You can download from here as well):


NOTE: If you are using any of the following, please download and install Access Runtime 2010 before installing CHIP Assistant software:
Windows 8 or later
Microsoft Office 365
Microsoft Office Online
Microsoft office later than 2010