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Facilitator Resources

Below are a number of downloadable resources for use in your CHIP programs, such as forms, PDF tools, archives, certificates, art and media files. Click on the link(s) below to download.
Pre-CHIP Check List   Overwhelmed with all the things to do? Here is a resource to help you get organized and prepared! Make it simple and look at this list of things to do before beginning your next CHIP program!

7 Easy Steps to Getting Started with your First CHIP Program (Portal, Licensing & Videos)  You’ve attended a CHIP workshop and are certified to run CHIP programs. Here are the steps to successfully run your first CHIP program. Click on any STEP for drop-down details on that step, or click on “Detailed PDF” for even more detailed instructions. If you get stuck, call our Tech Support line at 877-407-2447.

CHIP Technical Recommendations Document  This PDF document will help you decide which equipment to purchase or use to run media for your CHIP program, or to double-check if your current equipment will do the job.

CHIP Video Licensing and Facilitator Web Portal Setup  This PDF document will step you through the process of acquiring your Video License and setting up your facilitator profile and class management. Click the following link to watch a previously recorded video webinar on how to acquire license and set up your program -- https://vimeo.com/68189654

Installing or Re-intalling KeyOS Desktop Silverlight Player  This PDF document will give you step-by-step instructions for installing (or re-installing) the KeyOS Player used to play the downloaded CHIP video files. If you need additional help, call tech support at: 877-407-2447  (Click here to see video instructions)   NOTE:  KeyOS Player is no longer compatible with Mac computers. Please call tech support for other solutions, at:  909-534-1225 (Darryl)

CHIP Pedometer Instructions   This PDF document will step you through the process of setting up your new pedometer. Become familiar with the settings before your first class session so you can instruct the participants.

CHIP Assistant software   Specially developed software to track and report on your participant journey to improved health. Required for all CHIP programs. (PC platform only. Mac computers require PC boot or virtual software to run.)
CHIP Logo Artwork   The official CHIP logo and artwork that you can use for your e-mail signatures, business cards, flyers, posters and other CHIP program-related designs.

CHIP Summit Recipes   Recipes from the recent CHIP Summit 2013 held in Tucson, AZ -- taken from the "Eat More" and "Optimal Diet" cookbooks.

CHIP Blood Kit Instruction Sheet & Video Demo  This is a downloadable PDF of the instruction sheet that comes with each CHIP blood sample lab kit. Or, click on the "Video Demo" link to see the step-by-step instructions now.

Overcoming Pricing Objections   Often it can be hard for us to see the real value of something until we put it in context. Click above for a PDF document with some great examples that illustrate the great value CHIP represents.

Finger Prick vs. Venipuncture  A FAQ comparing blood testing using the Finger Prick method versus the Venipuncture method.

Getting Started with Insurance Billing for CHIP (USA only) A helpful guide for physicians and registered dietitians wanting to bill Medicare and insurance providers for running CHIP with patients. A sample Business Associate Agreement (BAA), required for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) compliance and a sample form which outlines the costs associated with the program and the patient's resposibilities if insurance does not cover the cost are aslo provided to help get you started. 

CHIP Program Forms  

Click on the form(s) below that you want to download: