Casestudy - Complex Patient

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Casestudy - Complex Patient

Beverly was out of options. She'd struggled for years with a number of debilitating health conditions that were all progressing rapidly and weren't just robbing her of quality of life, but also putting her life at risk. Struggling with the effects of poorly controlled diabetes, Beverly was already dealing with loss of feeling in her feet and experiencing loss of sight before being placed on a transplant list to replace her failing kidneys. On top of this, Beverly had also gone through emergency heart surgery for a number of seriously blocked coronary arteries. Beverly was out of options.

That was until she had an appointment with a gasteroenterologist, who recognised that many of her conditions could be helped with lifestyle change and recommended that she attend a community based health education program called CHIP. In the following months, Beverly turned her health around to the point that she regained feeling in her feet, stopped needing treatment for failing eyesight and most astonishingly, was taken off the organ transplant list as her kidney function steadily improved. But more that this, Beverly regained hope, saying that she now sees herself as "CEO, president and chairman of the board of all the decisions made for my body". Watch Beverly's powerful story below.