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The Optimal Lifestyle

It’s not unusual for people to think of health as simply the absence of disease, but nothing could be further from the truth. True health – Optimal Health – is so much more than this and CHIP is designed to help participants achieve the priceless benefits that come with optimal health.

The areas of mind, body, heart, and spirit all play vital roles in achieving optimal health, and part of the CHIP philosophy is that true health is like a jigsaw puzzle, with a number of different pieces that come together to create a whole. CHIP participants are guided on how to put this puzzle together in the context of their own health, helping them to reverse or prevent chronic diseases and live a truly happy, healthy life.

This is where the optimal lifestyle comes in. Rather than just receiving information on diet and activity, CHIP participants are also given tools to help with becoming resilient, managing stress, building and strengthening relationships, finding meaning and purpose, and maintaining positive change. CHIP is not simply a short term intervention, it’s an educational program designed to guide participants through the challenges associated with adopting a new lifestyle, one full of behaviors that bring us toward optimal health.

The Optimal Lifestyle is about getting the most out of life. It’s about actively working to live the best life available and enjoying all it has to offer.