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CHIP provides health, healing and hope to your church and community.

  • Normalize Blood Pressure

    Many CHIP participants that are hypertensive at the start of the program dramatically reduce and sometimes eliminate their need for medication.

  • Lower Cholesterol

    19.8% reduction in average total cholesterol in 30 days for those with baseline cholesterol of higher than 280mg/dl (7.24 mmol/l).

  • Lower Fasting Blood Glucose

    19.9% reduction in average fasting plasma glucose in 30 days for those with baseline fasting plasma glucose of higher than 125mg/dl (6.94 mmol/l).

  • Lower BMI

    Participants report reduced BMI by the average of 3% within just 30 days and with long term adherence to the lifestyle resulting in achieving ideal body weight.

"In just 4 weeks my total cholesterol dropped nearly 100 points, I lost about 20 lbs without feeling hungry or deprived, and I have enjoyed a new lease on life! But there is more good news. I just had my annual physical [a year later]. I was successful in keeping those extra pounds off; my cholesterol is fantastic—lower than ever! And my blood pressure, which used to be good, is now absolutely great. Needless to say, my physician was impressed and most complementary. Following the Optimal Diet and the CHIP healthy lifestyle has been so rewarding! Thank you so much!" 

– T.C. (Teresa) Davis, Hearth & Home Realty (WA)

"...clinical results of a large 5,070 free living cohort in North America yielding some of the most impressive recorded clinical changes in the literature."

-American College of Lifestyle Medicine
referring to the American Journal of Cardiology Jan 2012 article Effectiveness of a Volunteer-Delivered Lifestyle Modification Program for Reducing Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors

"... one of my patients dropped her total cholesterol from 300mg/dl to 200mg/dl in one month, and has since continued to improve her numbers from there. My husband has lost 12 pounds, dropped his TC by 56 points and his LDL by 40 points. My triglycerides normalized, my energy improved and my headaches went away... I strongly endorse this program and encourage you to consider it for those in your circle who have a desire to achieve optimal health through lifestyle changes." 

– Penny Shelton, MD, MPH, Family Practice Physician, Holzer Health System, Athens,OH

"[Our staff] have had incredible results measured by decreases in total cholesterol and LDL levels, decreases in...high blood pressure, reversal of Type 2 Diabetes and significant weight loss. People are reporting reduction of prescription drug usage in statins, high blood pressure meds and anti-depressants. Participants have also expressed improved energy levels, higher quality of sleep, improved gastrointestinal activity, expanded activity levels, better moods...and improved relationships with their significant others..."

-Sheila L. Bowen, RN, BSN, MA, Certified Wellness Program Manager, Employee Wellness Coordinator, Missouri State University

"I have lost 51 pounds, triglycerides are down 100 points, total cholesterol dropped to 183mg/dl, blood pressure has normalized and I am totally off the BP meds, but most importantly, I feel like I am living again instead of waiting around to die! I am surprised at all the tasty vegetables and beans that I am enjoying and I am thrilled that I can eat the whole grains again without feeling guilty! I am walking everywhere that I can and have put in over 20k steps on many days. This lifestyle change suits me fine. I LOVE CHIP!" 

– Brenda Morris, (OH)

"I had a massive heart attack on November 10, 2000. I am also a Type II diabetic. I started the CHIP program in February. The results have been outstanding! I am no longer on medication for diabetes, I've lost weight and my heart condition continues to improve. This program is for everyone wanting to have a healthy lifestyle." 

–Denis Van Raes, Penticton

"...simply put, facilitating CHIP is one of the most rewarding and meaningful ways a person can spend their time. ...making a real and meaningful difference in people's lives, being a significant part of a health-focused community, and if you so choose, to earn your living doing so.  CHIP will challenge you to better health and happiness for your life and the lives of those around you."

-Wendy Gable, CHIP Facilitator